One studio, well and truly warmed!

A huge thank you to each and every 100 or so visitors who came along to share our opening event. We were so delighted with the day and very thankful that the weather enabled us to warm the studio from the outside in.

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Johanna & Michael “Very meaningful and absorbing. Well worth the trip”.
Caryl & Tony “Fab – fab – fab”.
Hazel. ” Fabulous work, so glad to have been invited”.

Our next outing together will be 1st- 4th December at St Andrews Hall, Norwich, for Art Fair East, showcasing respected galleries, dealers and artists to an Eastern region audience of art collectors and businesses.

Other news…

From Earth to Enigma – May 26th – June 19th

The Stone Space Gallery, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone, London Ell 1HG.

A solo show of paintings by Karen Picton tracing transitions from earth as a painting material to thoughts and ideas.

Ayot St Lawrence Art Show – June 11th – June 13th

Karen Picton

Turn the Page 2016 – Friday 24th and Saturday 25th June 2016

Turn the Page. The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1TF.

Turn the page artists’ book fair is a UK and International exhibiting and selling platform for artists who are creating work that is inspired by the structural and conceptual properties of the book form.

Held over 2 days ttp has established its place among the top UK BookArt events. Sculptural books, Altered Books, Limited Editions, Zines & Installations.

Jo Howe has been fortunate to have been selected for the fourth time in a row to exhibit alongside national and international artists.

Jo Howe

Wasn’t there somewhere I was meant to be this Sunday?

We look forward to throwing open the doors to you at Langley End Studio.

Roll on Sunday!




Map here.

Come along and join us on our very first Open Studio Day as well as the fabulous Thornhill Jewellery.

A warm welcome awaits.


Introducing Gill Ayre

My paintings go through several incarnations as I build up successive layers. What I start with can often bear no resemblance to the finished work. In fact recently I have particularly enjoyed working into and over old canvases and paintings, transforming them into new work. Saves money and gets rid of old work.

My process employs the use of loose wet paint with splashes and drips; mark-making with brushes, palettes knives, tissue paper, or my fingers, what ever comes to hand; flicking in white spirit or water; adding powdered pigment to create texture; scraping off and removing areas of paint back to reveal previous layers. The hardest part can be knowing when to stop.

Some of my strongest work has emerged out of mistakes, or play – essentially a ‘f**k it!’ approach. This is when I can be at my most creative, when I am not fixed on a specific outcome but am prepared to enjoy the process and take risks. And the joys of a shared studio is that we all egg each other on, share ideas and techniques and feedback on each others work. Not to mention spend long hours sitting chatting over cups of coffee and putting the world to rights!

Artist website


Come along an see me and the other artists on our very first Open Studio Day as well as the fabulous Thornhill Jewellery.

A warm welcome awaits.


Introducing Karen Picton

I make paintings inspired by the amazing diversity of landscape to be found across the UK. It is not so much what the landscape looks like that interests me but what the land is, the materials of it’s geology, it’s history and the marks left by human interaction from pre history to the present day. Most importantly, I paint the land to celebrate how I feel about it, a personal journey that takes me from the outside into a landscape of my mind.

I use various media to make my paintings from historical paints to contemporary materials but in recent time I use the earth itself to paint the land with the land. Chalk and clay from my home in Hertfordshire to orange sandstone and dark peat from further afield, these materials offer fascinating qualities of colour and texture that give a truth to each area of land. I am now on a truly exciting quest to explore every corner of the British Isles and to make paintings that will become a “mud map’ of the land but also to capture an atmosphere of place and a glimpse of who I am.

Artist website

Come along an see me and the other artists on our very first Open Studio Day as well as the fabulous Thornhill Jewellery.

A warm welcome awaits.