Introducing Gill Ayre

My paintings go through several incarnations as I build up successive layers. What I start with can often bear no resemblance to the finished work. In fact recently I have particularly enjoyed working into and over old canvases and paintings, transforming them into new work. Saves money and gets rid of old work.

My process employs the use of loose wet paint with splashes and drips; mark-making with brushes, palettes knives, tissue paper, or my fingers, what ever comes to hand; flicking in white spirit or water; adding powdered pigment to create texture; scraping off and removing areas of paint back to reveal previous layers. The hardest part can be knowing when to stop.

Some of my strongest work has emerged out of mistakes, or play – essentially a ‘f**k it!’ approach. This is when I can be at my most creative, when I am not fixed on a specific outcome but am prepared to enjoy the process and take risks. And the joys of a shared studio is that we all egg each other on, share ideas and techniques and feedback on each others work. Not to mention spend long hours sitting chatting over cups of coffee and putting the world to rights!

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Come along an see me and the other artists on our very first Open Studio Day as well as the fabulous Thornhill Jewellery.

A warm welcome awaits.


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