Jo Howe

Jo HoweJo Howe works with old manuscripts and books, which bear the physical imperfections and aromas of past human handling, thus retaining their human presence. The book or page becomes a tool for looking inwards to our evolving personal narratives. By fragmenting, removing and disrupting text, she seeks to construct alternative narratives, which in turn generate new meaning. By resisting meaning in purely linguistic terms the reader is invited to respond at an intuitive and emotional level.

Jo Howe graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with an MA (Distinction) in Graphic Communication in 2005, and a First Class Honours degree in 2D Design in 2004. She was a Fellow with Digswell Arts from 2008 – 2012, and then became a Trustee. As well as being a practicing artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally, Jo works as a creative facilitator with young people with special needs.